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Frequently Asked Questions

What should my child wear on Picture Day?

Our photography looks best when your child wears colorful clothes that are neat and comfortable. Their school portraits will show most of the upper torso and even the top of their legs, so be sure they wear an outfit appropriate for this composition. Hats are not allowed, if your child does wear a hat to school on the school portrait day; please remember their hairstyle could be affected by it. Keep in mind, photographers do not make physical contact with the children, therefore we are not able to fix hair or clothing.

IMPORTANT:If your school is using green screen technology where you choose your background, it is of the utmost importance your child DOES NOT WEAR GREEN CLOTHING.

Whom do I make checks/money orders payable to?

C.G. Vincent Photography

What is an Add-On?

An add-on is a specially priced print, or group of prints, for customers who have purchased a portrait package. Add-ons cannot be purchased by themselves.

When will I receive my pictures?

You will receive your pictures 4-6 weeks after picture day. They will be delivered back to your child at school.

I love my pictures! How can I order more?

Call our studio at 914-479-0830; tell us the name of your child, the school they attend and the grade and teacher’s name of their class.

What if I’m not happy with my pictures?

If your school has a retake day, send your child to school dressed for their photos and have them return the package of pictures you ordered.

If you would like a full refund, mail your photos back to our studio within 21 days of receiving them to receive a full refund.

I’m missing some photos, What do I do now?

If you are unsure of the package you received, please review your order flyer before contacting us. If you are missing items from your package, please call us at our studio. We cannot process corrections after 21 days, please contact us within that time frame.

Do I have to send the order with my child on picture day?

It is best to submit your order on picture day because late orders are subject to a late fee, and there is the possibility of your child’s envelope being misplaced at school.

What about retouching?

All our photographs are examined and if necessary will be retouched of black eyes or bruises on the face no charge. The removal of blemishes, imperfections, or pimples is available for an additional fee.

Can I make copies of the portraits on my own?

No, All of our portraits are copyrighted and it is illegal to copy them. If you take them to be copied, the stores will not process this. If you would like to purchase a copyrighted cd of your child’s portraits, it is available with the purchase of a package.

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